Learn Pinterest marketing in 15 days (or less)

This is your chance to learn more about Pinterest marketing and creating content for Pinterest in exchange for your honest feedback. Your participation will also help me better understand different niches so I can better help more people like you!

This new course will teach you the basics of using Pinterest as well as more advanced details to help you take advantage of how Pinterest actually works. By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of how to use Pinterest effectively through the use of graphics and Pinterest SEO.

Time is money, friend! Let's trade.

This is a premium course package worth at least $247, so I’m not going to just give it away for free. Instead, I propose a trade for your time and feedback!

In exchange for your honest feedback, you’ll receive full access to the course and group coaching for 4 weeks.

All you have to do is fill out a short survey at the end of each course module, letting me know what you thought about the material, any changes you’d like to see, and how long it took you to complete.

This includes 4 group coaching sessions where you can ask questions and get feedback from me LIVE. If you’re not able to make a live session, you can submit your question ahead of time.

This beta is perfect for you if...

If at least one of these applies to you, feel free to apply!
  • You regularly create new content (or plan to)
  • You're totally new to Pinterest or blogging
  • You've been struggling to gain traction with Pinterest
  • You want to learn some new information about Pinterest

You should skip this beta if...

This course won’t be a great fit for everyone.
  • You don't create content (written, video, audio, etc)
  • You're expecting instant results from Pinterest
  • You won't have your website setup by the time we start
  • You're not prepared to put in the work
  • You don't want to fill out the surveys

Take a look inside the course

Here is a tentative schedule of all lessons in the course. Though it’s broken down into 15 days, you can go through the material more quickly if you like.

Please note that you’ll only have access to course material for the duration of the beta. You’ll be given the opportunity to purchase the full course at a heavily discounted price before the beta is over.

  1. Create Your Pinterest Account

    Lesson 1: Business Account Benefits

    Lesson 2: Create a business account

  2. Make Connections

    Lesson 1: Know who you’re targeting on Pinterest

    Lesson 2: Find & follow similar accounts

  3. Outline Topics, Prepare Keywords & Find Hashtags

    Lesson 1: Outline your pinboards

    Lesson 2: Using hashtags on Pinterest

  4. Fill in Your Profile

    Lesson 1: Fix up your profile

    Lesson 2: (WordPress) Verify your website

    Lesson 3: (Squarespace) Connect your Pinterest account to verify your domain

  5. Catch up day

  6. Write Board Descriptions

    Lesson 1: Using keywords in board names and descriptions

    Lesson 2: Write an optimized board description

  7. Create Your Boards

    Lesson 1: Keeping your account clean and organized

    Lesson 2: Create a brand board with sections

    Lesson 3: Create 10-20 relevant boards

    Lesson 4: Update your profile header and featured boards

  8. Create Pin Graphics

    Lesson 1: Best Pinterest image sizes

    Lesson 2: 7 popular Pin layouts

    Lesson 3: Types of Pins on Pinterest

    Lesson 4: Create a Pin design

  9. Catch up day

  10. Write Pin descriptions

    Lesson 1: Write an optimized description for a Pin

    Lesson 2: Using keywords on your site

    Lesson 3: Enable Rich Pins

  11. Add Graphics to Your Website

    Lesson 1: Add Pinterest descriptions on WordPress

    Lesson 2: Add Pinterest descriptions on Squarespace

  12. Add pins to Pinterest

    Lesson 1: The best and worst types of content to pin

    Lesson 2: Adding pins to Pinterest

  13. Catch up day

  14. Build a Pinterest strategy

    Lesson 1: How much to Pin

    Lesson 2: The Pin Potential Calculator

    Lesson 3: Scheduling vs live pinning

    Lesson 4: Pinterest scheduling solutions

  15. Use Pinterest Analytics

    Lesson 1: Pinterest Metrics

    Lesson 2: The Pinterest Analytics Dashboard

    Lesson 3: Audience Analytics & Insights

    Lesson 4: Understanding ups and downs in analytics

    Lesson 5: Using analytics for content ideas