What to focus on in your first 6 months of Pinterest marketing

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Expectations for Pinterest are usually high, especially for those who are just starting out.

Rather than get discouraged because it isn’t as easy as you thought it would be or results aren’t what you thought either, here are 6 things to focus on during your first 6 months on Pinterest instead.

Read It: What to focus on when you’re new to Pinterest marketing

This extended episode of Graphics for Traffic in 60 seconds is going to tell you how to spend your first 6 months as a Pinterest marketer.

Forget about your Monthly Viewers

Get it out of your head, right now!

Monthly Views is mostly a vanity statistic that counts views from every single Pin on your account, even if all that Pin does is load in someone’s Home Feed.

It’s way more important to focus on the stats your own Pins are getting.

Make sure to Pin at least a few times each day

Keeping consistent will promote follower growth and also give your Pins more chances to be seen by different people.

People are on or off Pinterest at different times and days and this way you have a higher chance of reaching a larger audience.

Get in the habit of creating new content regularly

Right now, people are doing really well by creating at least one totally new Pin each week.

This means creating a brand new graphic, even if it’s for an old link.

Creating completely new content on your website is good, too, so try to keep it updated as well.

You can also update a old post with new information and use this new information to create new Pins.

Use templates to find the most effective graphic styles

Create or purchase a bunch of templates that work for you and your niche.

All of them don’t have to 100% match your brand but they should at least be appealing to your target audience.

Through your analytics, you’ll be able to tell which graphic templates, headlines, and posts are most popular.

You can use this information to create more content both on and off Pinterest.

Develop your strategy

Pinterest isn’t as easy as adding a Pin to Pinterest and then calling it a day. You need to Pin with a strategic plan.

This is either going to require a ton of research and experimentation on your part, or you can purchase a Pinterest ebook or course and learn the strategy of an expert Pinterest user.

Graphics for Traffic has a few resources to help you out with this as well. Visit https://graphicsfortraffic.com/courses to view some options.

Learn how to keep up with changes on Pinterest

Pinterest changes A LOT and in order to keep seeing results, you have to change with it.

The Pinterest newsletter and website, the Tailwind blog, and the Simple Pin Media Facebook group are some of my favorite places for staying up-to-date with new information about Pinterest.

Places to track changes on Pinterest

  • The Pinterest for Business Website – The main website for business tips and best practices straight from Pinterest itself
  • The Pinterest for Business newsletter – Pinterest will sometimes send out notices about different changes
  • Tailwind blog – Even if you don’t use Tailwind, their direct access to Pinterest makes them a valuable source of information
  • Simple Pin Media Podcast & Website – Simple Pin Media is a Podcast and website all about Pinterest marketing. There’s tons of great information here for all different kinds of businesses and websites
  • Simple Pin Media Newsletter – Kate Ahl sends out lots of tips and news for Pinterest every week
  • Simple Pin Media Facebook group – There’s always a lot of discussion in this Facebook group, but like all public forums, you have to be careful to not get caught up in sensationalism and rumors. I usually hear about something in here first then do more research or wait for something from the admins or Tailwind. Also, there’s some Tailwind staff in this group, so that’s a bonus as well.
  • A Pinterest course – The best Pinterest courses include free updates and usually have a group for students
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