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You know Pinterest wants NEW Pins, but who’s got time to create new Pins every week? The Timesaver’s Handbook to Efficient Pinterest Marketing is a 49-page ebook of productivity tips for content creation and Pinterest marketing tasks.
  • Choose a creation schedule that works best for you
  • Make your content work for you over and over again
  • Each step in my process for batch creating 12 weeks of content
  • Create a Pinterest promotion plan for weeks or months at a time
  • Create Pinterest graphics faster
  • Use Pinterest schedulers even more efficiently
  • Resources for project management and Pinterest marketing

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The Timesaver’s Handbook to Efficient Pinterest Marketing is packed with information in 49 pages, broken down into 9 chapters. I’ve shared my best tips to help you create content efficiently for both your website and Pinterest.

Your free preview includes 1 page of each chapter, which are all outlined below.

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Chapter 1

Assess Your Content Creation Plan

Methods to improve or create a more productive creation process that actually into your schedule

Chapter 2

Adjust Your Content Promotion Plan

Various ways to keep promoting your content even when it's not 100% new

Chapter 3

Stop Ignoring SEO

What SEO is and why it's important, plus resources to easily get started with doing your own optimization

Chapter 4

Work Ahead of Schedule

How to plan your content, including my method for creating content to last for 90 days

Chapter 5

Streamline Your Pin Creation

Ways you can batch create Pins and use templates to promote one link over and over

Chapter 6

Pin With a Plan

A way to set up your boards to fit a promotion plan for your Pins that will last over several weeks

Chapter 7

Power Up Your Scheduling

Tips to save even more time when scheduling with Tailwind and SmarterQueue

Chapter 8

What About Manual Pinning?

The real difference between manual and scheduled pinning and if manual is worth the time

Chapter 9

Tools & Resources

Links to various tools and resources that were mentioned throughout the ebook

Hi, I'm Stephanie

I’m a 3D designer and blogger who started getting serious about blogging outside my 3D business in 2016. I regularly use Pinterest to promote affiliate products, as well.

In addition to creating the 3D hairstyles I sell on SecondLife, I now enjoy reviewing business management tools and helping others discover the right tools for their own businesses.

I hate wasting time and usually end up creating processes or automations to handle mundane tasks in my business for me, something I often help other people set up as well.

I wrote this ebook (my first official one!) to share my strategies for less stressful content creation and Pinterest marketing.

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